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Alvah buckmore and dating

But I was eager to get out into the community and explore for myself.

My opportunity came on Saturday, when Celestina went to Livingstone for the weekend, and I had pretty much nothing to do.

Fred and I declined, feeling we weren’t nearly important enough to warrant special treatment, but Hilda urged me forward.

She and I joined about 20 men for a meal of nshima with village chicken and goat, which were just slaughtered.

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However, we are living in an age where time is very valuable and we can’t spend extra time in the church and enjoy the activities of our Christian community.

For the last couple days, I’ve been tagging along with my co-workers as they go about their normal routines – work, shopping in Choma (one town to the east), cooking, socializing.

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So I promptly moved into her 2 bedroom house, equipped with electricity, running water, a stove and sink, and a self-contained flush toilet. But while life with Celestina is wonderful, I would prefer to live with a Tongan family so that I can learn the local culture and language.

Plus, I love having kids around :) So I’m going to stay with her for a couple of months while I search out another place to stay.

While I waited for her, I chatted with a Bangladeshi abattoir owner, and he remarked that, “time, here..value-less.” Interesting contrast to Western notions of time is money. ) The roads are notoriously bad, so rocky and pot-holed that they torture any vehicle’s alignment, that is, when you’re not sinking in sand or water.

It being the dry season now, we happened upon some sand.

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My first and foremost objective was to find a place to live.